Penny’s Hill 2005 Shiraz

If I am too lazy to blog every single bottle I drink, I may as well blog about the good ones.

This stuff is great. Peppery on the nose noticeable right after opening it, and it has a deep dark colour to it as well. It has that dark fruit flavour of raspberry and blackberry that a good shiraz should have, and it went down well with the pasta dish I made.


2007 Roogle Shiraz

Long time no post 🙂

For ten dollars you would normally expect to get plonk that was not worth your time. But Marquis Phillips know what they are doing, even at this price point.

I won’t accuse it of being the smoothest wine out there, but it balances the alcohol and sugar well with a nice rich taste that some would describe as jammy but I find delicious. Screw cap means that you can drink it at your leisure as well.

It might sound like a leap to compare it to Stella’s Garden, but you can tell it came from the same crazy people that made that stuff. Highly recommended – surprise somebody at a party or buy it to drink by yourself on friday night as Battlestar Galactica and Terminator rage away on the telly.

2003 Penfolds Bin 28

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It was a hectic week at work, and I decided to take the missus out to Ruth’s Chris in Bellevue. No point going to a nice steak place without some good vino, so I tried to find something that was somewhat special.

Hunting around I found a 5 year old bottle of Bin 28 hiding back there. I wish I had the willpower to turn it into a 10 year old bottle, but what are you going to do?

It went very well with my porterhouse, as you would expect. It was very dry, but still had the dark fruit flavor that I like to have. Not very peppery in my opinion.

My only mistake was killing the whole bottle myself (wife is pregnant). But I am over that now – just needed lots of water.

2002 Moulin St. George

I drank this and wrote notes about it ages ago, but I was too lazy to look up the name of it (I find it hard to remember things in a language that I don’t know). My memory was sparked by seeing that Jeff had reviewed this wine.

This tasted like a very typical Bordeaux to my unrefined palate. It went very well with the steak that I had cooked with some spicy rub on it, so it could hold its own very well. It was very full bodied, but it was not super strong (my wife enjoyed it, and she cannot stand most of the Shiraz that I drink).

If I see this again I will get it. Maybe it will help me get more used to French wine.

2004 Heartland Director’s Cut Shiraz

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This wine tastes sensational, full of sugar with a slight tannic edge and a great dark berry taste. I also detect notes of cedar in this one, but this might be left over chips of cedar from my hours in the garage building a planter out of cedar for my Habenero plant.

I did not realize until I scanned the blog that I have reviewed this wine once before. Certainly time away has treated it well, and it was as good as it was last time. Still full of sediment too.

This is the exact kind of win that I want more of. I will be sure to get the 2006 of this as well (I already have the 2005 stocked away too). It is interesting that I have not enjoyed some of the other Heartland wines quite so much, but the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum.

2002 Pretty Sally Cabernet Savignon

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I found a good deal on this, and sometimes late at night I want a glass of cheap wine to get me sleepy.

This one has an interesting taste – bright and light without being too metallic. The winery claims that the tannins are well integrated, and I would agree with that. It is light on the alcohol, but does not beat you over the head with this lightness.

After about 30 minutes or so the wine is developing a deeper, sweeter taste. This is a 2002, so perhaps some air will do it good. The rest of the bottle is sitting in the wine fridge with a rubber stopper in it (picked those up in Walla Walla, and they do an awesome job). So I will consume this over the next week or so and see how it develops.


2004 Viotollo

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Some of my favorite wines are Shiraz grown in Australia from small growers. These little boutique places tend to have interesting flavour and not be shy about making thick unfiltered goodness for me to put in my belly.

The Viotollo went great with the beef that I was cooking. There was a slight tannin structure that you could taste, but this was balanced with a dark, jammy goodness that I love so much. Balancing these flavours is tricky, but the hot climate in Australia seems to make this kind of effect easier to produce.

This bottle tasted fantastic, so I can remember that 3 – 4 years is a great time to drink this stuff. It made a good addition to the meat pies that I was cooking too. I just wish that I had more of this great little wine.